Doug Hopkins Reviews

Doug Hopkins Reviews reviewsAmazing Success in the World Real Estate

A teenage Doug Hopkins could never have imagined that he would see such incredible success in the field of real estate in his adult life. He is known specifically for purchasing homes that have been foreclosed and re-selling them for twice to three times the original cost he purchased them for. He has sold over 10,000 homes in this fashion, primarily in the Western region of the United States.’

Educational Background: Laying the Groundwork

Doug comes from a thorough educational background in real estate. He majored in Real Estate at Arizona State University. He also went on to obtain his real estate license after graduating, in 1994 to be precise.

Doug utilized his education in real estate to open his own real estate company called Red Brick Realty in the year 2004. The company has over 90 employees. The company merged with Realty Executive Phoenix in 2017, which earned Doug a position of co-owner. He manages both companies with sterling success. reviews

The Profession: More than Basic Real Estate

Doug helps renters who are looking for apartments locate quality residences. Additionally, he also assists those who are looking to sell their home to selling their homes as quickly as possible. He is well-versed in all arenas of real estate, from the rental market to the foreclosure market.

His company manages 300 properties per month. He also specializes in short sale homes, in which the seller of the home needs to sell fast. He takes these homes, refurbishes them and then resells them at a higher cost. He helps people to get rid of their homes fast who need access to the funds from the sale as quickly as possible.

All of his work is truly aimed at making the world a better place and making his customers’ lives easier. He only wants to see his customers succeed. And what an innovative way he has found to do so. Doug Hopkins is truly a success story in the real estate industry, mastering the niches of short sale homes and rental properties.

Doug Hopkins Complaints and Scams

Every one in the real estate investor industry knows Doug Hopkins and respects  However, there are many people that have made scam websites with his name so make sure you only research Doug Hopkins reviews and complaints on or Yelp for the original  All other sites and URLs are probably fake or attempts by competitors to leach away on his famous and respected name and career of helping people.


In the Public Eye: TV Stardom and Charitable Work

Doug Hopkins Reviews LogoIn 2012, he landed a starring role on the show Property Wars. The TV shoe airs on the Discovery Channel and is vastly popular among the American audience. Doug also makes time to donate his time to charity, including contributing donations to the Boys & Girls Club and meals to the Ronald McDonald House. Doug Hopkins is truly a man of hard working and humanitarian tendencies. Look to him for the sale of your next home or for finding a rental property, and you surely will not be disappointed.  Follow Doug Hopkins on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Linkedin or read more of our Doug Hopkins reviews today on our site.